The Twelfth Juror

Brian O'Neill


By Brian O'Neill
The true account of the twisted affair between murder suspect Peter Gill and Canada's most famous juror Gillian Guess

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He was one of six co-accused on trial for First Degree Murder.

She was the Twelfth Juror, who took the Holy Bible in her right hand and was administered the oath given to her by BC Supreme Court Justice Thomas R. Braidwood: “do you swear that you shall well and truly try and true deliverance make between our sovereign lady the Queen and the accused at the bar, whom you shall have in charge, and a true verdict give, according to the evidence, so help you God?”

“Yes,” answered Gillian Guess.

And so, as the lengthy trial progressed, so did the blonde and buxom juror’s apparently innocuous flirtation of animated giggles and smiles targeted at one of these handsome accused gangsters. When local media took notice of the short-skirted juror, Gillian Guess reveled in her new-found statue; she held power over these six alleged murderers. Guess escalated her risqué behavior and even raised her legs onto the rail in front of her so the accused could see her panties.

Peter Gill, the target of this provocative Twelfth Juror’s attention, soon returned the coy smiles and sexually charged body language. The long-time street thug turned gangster realized Gillian Guess could be his ticket out of jail. Gill became the hunter and Guess was the prey.

Five days after the jury rendered its verdict of Not Guilty, and the six accused were able to walk free, the Vancouver police received shocking, anonymous tip on its CrimeStoppers hotline that the Twelfth Juror, Gillian Guess, had engaged in an intimate affair with Gill during the trial.

The explosive revelations of the affair led investigators to lay charges against the pair. The impact of the subsequent trial would forever change the dynamics of how jury selections are made in Canada.

In this chilling, fascinating and true crime drama, best-selling author Brian O’Neill brings us his force de résistance. A whirlwind story of an illicit and illegal affair, its denial and guilt. This is the ultimate deadly true crime story of Cat and Mouse.