Marriage Made for Murder

Brian O'Neill


Paperback – 1995

The true account of Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo

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A MARRIAGE MADE FOR MURDER ~The Untold Story by Brian O'Neill

Adrenaline pumping and guns drawn, Police encircle the yuppie residence at 57 Bayview Drive. They had been warned of the psychopath they were about to arrest. If he resisted they were told to make it his funeral – not theirs.

Braced for the worst, they forged ahead to meet a blonde, blue-eyed and handsome accountant, Paul Kenneth Bernardo. Investigators realized the 28-year old Bernardo was a real-life “Boston Strangler”. His activities had inflamed the country into a multi-million dollar manhunt – first for the “Scarborough Rapist” and then for the strangler, who tortured, violated and then murdered his young victims.

As the mutilated bodies of 14-year old Leslie Mahaffy and 15-year old Kristen French were discovered, Paul Bernardo was elevated to Canada’s small fraternity of serial killers.

Then days later, the public was shocked by the disclosure that Bernardo’s young and beautiful wife would also be charged in the macabre murders.

What could turn a seemingly normal and successful couple into perversion and murder, whose unthinkable acts horrified the Canadian nation?

“A Marriage Made for Murder” takes you into Bernardo’s twisted mind where you will learn the facts that are BANNED IN CANADA!

This is the story of evil. This story is not finished…