Bodies in the Backyard

Brian O'Neill



June 1993

The true story of Noel Michael Winters - Canada's Frenzy Slayer

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Horror in the Community

Horror follows upon horror in what is the most grisly murder episode in New Brunswick's history.

Noel Winters of Saint John was sentenced to life imprisonment in the brutal slayings of a man and his son. Their butchered remains were found in garbage bags at a dump in Brown's Flat.

The RCMP furthered their investigation. Police divers searched the bottom of the Saint John River near Crystal Beach. A heavy sack was reported to have been recovered, but there was no official word on what it contained. The RCMP said the search would resume when the high spring river levels had subsided.

Meanwhile, the RCMP also continued to search the woods in the area amid reports that a man and a woman visiting from Quebec had not been seen since sometime last fall.

Then came a new shocking disclosure: The RCMP had discovered two bodies, those of a man and a woman, buried in a shallow grave not far from the house where Winters had lived.

The 34-year old Winters, who had been sent to Dorchester Penitentiary, was found dead in his cell, reportedly having committed suicide. But his death does not end the story.

There remains the outcome of the continuing police search and investigation. There remains the trial for another man charged with helping Winters to escape the arrest. There remains in question of the two latest victims and the motive for their killings.

No, the case is not yet closed on what has been an unbelievable horror story in our community, in our backyard.